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 When choosing a compressor we have a few suggestions for our costumers.

First of all, determine the needs very well. Following the determination of needs; 

  • Consider the quality of the product - Raw materials subject to compliance standards and quality assurance
  • Check the perfomance (compressor running at low revoulutions is an important detail in the lifespan of the unit)
  • Spare Parts availability – can the manufacturer supply spare parts from stock within the time required by the customer
  • Service quality – service the customer, quickly, efficiently, without fuss, all at low cost.

Service information. From the compressor manufacturer service guides, manuals and recomended operating conditions. Maintenance times should be followed seriously and this will result in your compressor giving you many years of trouble free operation.

Please ensure operation, maintenance, service and repair are carried out by competent and authorised persons.
Please contact Alkin Compressors with any requests, enquiries or other issues without delay

Alkin compressors (W31-W32-W4) supply breathing air quality in accordance with EN12021