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High Technology
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More than



Over 30 Years

Knowledge & Experience

Alkın Compressors is Turkey's first and only high pressure breathing air compressor manufacturer with over thirty years of experience.
Alkın Compressors also provides maintenance and repair services, as well as the design and manufacture of standard and special production air compressors and equipment, with its highly qualified and experienced R&D team.

International Standards

All Around the World

Our company provides an international service and exports to over 120 countries, with branches in the United States, England, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, and Thailand.

High Quality

Energy Efficient Projects

We optimize your compressor selection by considering your company's needs in terms of operational cost savings, energy-efficient equipment and systems, and a low carbon footprint.



Our business partners have the opportunity to select products from a wide range of product portfolios that fully satisfy their demands.


You can review our companies, fairs and organizations we attend, current news from our employees and dealers.

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