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  • R&D Center
  • Nitrogen Generation System
  • High Pressure Water Cooled Air Compressor
  • National Ship (MILGEM) Project
  • Breathing Air Quality Monitor (ALK-BAQ)
  • Multi Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD) Project
  • Amphibious Ship (LST) Project
  • New Type Patrol Boat (YTKB) Project
  • Test and Training Vessel (TVEG) Project
  • Emergency Response and Diving Training Boat (ACMB) Project
  • Nitrogen Generation System

    The Nitrogen Generation System produced by Alkın Compressors stores the air compressed by using the screw compressor in an air tank through a dryer and filters. After the air tank, it is ensured that Nitrogen gas is separated from oxygen and enriched by using Carbon-Molecular Sieve (CMS) with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) type nitrogen generator. Nitrogen Generation System is a system designed by Alkın Compressors to produce nitrogen gas at high pressure of 95-99.999% purity. Nitrogen (N2) gas is purified other gases forming the air such as Oxygen (O2), Carbon dioxide (CO2), contaminations such as moisture, dust, etc. and given to the process in the desired pressure where required. All equipment of the Nitrogen Generation System can be controlled via a single panel, which has a compact design structure by providing placement on a single chassis.


    • Nitrogen purity level from 95% to 99,999%
    • High quality CMS
    • Online dew point measurement
    • Compact design, fully automatic system, easy installation
    • Reliable technology using high technical and industrial standards
    • Engineering studies to meet specific customer needs
    • Systems requiring minimal maintenance
    • Technical training and service


    • Oil and Gas Industry
    • Marine
    • Food (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
    • Drinks
    • Deoxygenation
    • Plastic Injection
    • Laser cutting
    • Vehicle Tire Filling


    Outlet Pressure

    N2 Purity


    Dew Point

    Working Temperature

    Voltage - Freq.


    Dimensions (cm)

    bar psi %  l/min °C °C kg W L H

    N2 Generation System

    300 4350 95 - 99.999 100 < – 40 –10 .... +45 440V 60 Hz 3 Ph 1100 176 241 241